Video Tutotials (2 of 6 posted. 4 new tutorials to be posted by July 14)


Research Tutorial

In this video, students will learn how to research scholarly information in a structured manner that encourages critical thinking. Teachers are also provided with quick & easy assessment tools for evaluating the students' research & comprehension.


Video Editing in a Nutshell

Editing is the culminating stage of the production process. In this tutorial, students will learn how to edit all of their work into a cohesive, professional looking presentation.

Note: additional tutorials are being created that allow students to use free video editing tools.

Detailed Project Outline   Basic Summary of Each Stage   Evaluation Rubric







A big thanks to for supporting the developing of freely accessible learning resources for this global collaboration project


  PlanetWatch.TV Invites Students & Teachers to Participate at ISTE2013  

For teachers who want to engage students in shaping their world,
PlanetWatch.TV was created as a means of providing students with a venue for producing and publishing authentic investigative news reports on environmental & humanitarian issues occurring in their part of the world.

To facilitate participation, PlanetWatch.TV, a non-profit portal run by students and overseen by teachers, will provide students and teachers with a full gamut of freely accessible classroom resources that include how-to videos (a flipped approach), rubrics, project outlines and more. Upon completion of a report, students are encouraged to post their news item on their own Youtube Channel—with the consent of their parents and their teacher—and send us the link. It’s that simple!

This global classroom initiative is designed to be easily integrated as a unit in disciplines such as language arts, social studies, ethics or as community service project. For teachers who are seeking ways in which to engage students in applying classroom learning to real-world situations, and encourage critical thinking, the PlanetWatch.TV journalism unit is designed with such objectives in mind.

Over the past several years, students at Lower Canada College, in Montreal, Canada, have successfully produced dozens of news reports as part of this journalism unit taught at their school. The research, writing, and authentic interviews with experts from around the world, have enabled them to produce factually accurate news reports on specific issues of concern from their corner of the planet. PlanetWatch.TV is now being officially launched as a global classroom initiative, with the goal of creating a portal through which students may share their reports and collaborate in the shaping of their world.